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How you can help


We need your support to safeguard Tulipe today and for future generations. You can play your part as an individual or through the involvement of your business. We are grateful for donations, legacies, sponsorship, and grants to fund our vital work.
Services in kind

The Foundation welcomes discounts or donations of services in kind from businesses and other interested parties. This enables us to divert funds to urgent tasks, stretching our budget further. We are happy to work with organisations of all kinds e.g.

  • conservation and ecological organisations
  • academic institutions
  • media and public relations companies

Introducing ourselves:

Aims of the Foundation "Los Amigos del Bosque Tulipe-Pachijal" (Friends of the Tulipe-Pachijal Cloud Forest), established 2004) include:

  • preserving the biodiversity of the Tulipe area
  • promoting ecological conservation
  • promoting ecotourism
  • encouraging the use of sustainable resources

Are you…

  • keen on wildlife and interested in conservation
  • a believer in ecotourism
  • a birdwatcher, photographer or interested in ancient cultures
  • an independent traveller who likes to get off the beaten track
  • an academic or student with a professional interest in ecology
  • an organizer of field trips or school groups?

If so, a visit to the private and pristine Tulipe Reserve is a must. Tulipe is waiting to be discovered by the discerning and adventurous visitor. We can also arrange tailored visits for your special interests.



There are several areas of our work that businesses can sponsor e.g.:

  • conservation work
  • academic surveys and reports

We will help you gain the maximum benefit from any sponsorship arrangement and where possible we can involve your staff directly in the work and also provide opportunities for your customers to see how you are helping to take care of this beautiful natural region.

We welcome enquiries from volunteers and will do our best to match your skills to our needs. Enjoy the stimulation and sense of achievement of working on a worthwhile project.
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