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About Us


Los Amigos del Bosque Tulipe-Pachijal (Friends of the Tulipe-Pachijal Cloud Forest) was established in 2004. Its parent company is Tours Unlimited.

The main objective of the Foundation is the promotion of ecological conservation, sustainable deployment of natural resources and sustainable human development in Ecuador, primarily, but not exclusively, in the Tulipe-Pachijal area in the north-west part of Pichincha Province.


Introducing ourselves:

Aims of the Foundation "Los Amigos del Bosque Tulipe-Pachijal" (Friends of the Tulipe-Pachijal Cloud Forest), established 2004) include:

  • preserving the biodiversity of the Tulipe area
  • promoting ecological conservation
  • promoting ecotourism
  • encouraging the use of sustainable resources

Are you…

  • keen on wildlife and interested in conservation
  • a believer in ecotourism
  • a birdwatcher, photographer or interested in ancient cultures
  • an independent traveller who likes to get off the beaten track
  • an academic or student with a professional interest in ecology
  • an organizer of field trips or school groups?

If so, a visit to the private and pristine Tulipe Reserve is a must. Tulipe is waiting to be discovered by the discerning and adventurous visitor. We can also arrange tailored visits for your special interests.

To achieve this general objective, the Foundation has established as its specific aim the development at national, regional or local level of programmes and projects of conservation, environmental management, scientific investigation, ecotourism, and environmental training and education. In addition, the Foundation seeks to undertake or commission research projects in the above areas. In order to realise its aims and objectives, the Foundation will draw up agreements of co-operation and support with academic institutions and national and international financial organisations, both public and private, and with non-governmental, business and social organisations in general. The Foundation will employ all means permitted by law and the Constitution".

Ultimately, we aim to further develop community tourism: low impact tourism and sustainable and appropriate economic, social and cultural development in the area, working closely with the local people to ensure the preservation of their autonomy and independence.

Our intention is to employ people from the area as guides, possibly arranging overnight stays for visitors in their homes, encouraging local production and sales of handicrafts and homemade foods.

Eventually we hope to offer a greater variety of walking trails ranging from the easy stroll to more challenging treks, or the chance for a self-guided walk so walkers can choose their own pace.

We also plan to develop simple and sustainable camping facilities in the forest, ‘tola’- cabins for stays of 1-4 days, an observation tower and vivarium.

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