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What is Tulipe?


  • Tulipe is a small district 70 kms (45 miles) (2 hours’ drive) north-west of Quito. Download Map.
  • Tulipe is 540 hectares (1,340 acres) of cloud forest.The area is 900-1,600 metres (2,950-5,250 feet) above sea level, rich in biodiversity and natural beauty. The Tumbes-Choco-Magdalena area is one of the planet’s 18 (or top 5) biodiversity ‘hotspots’.
  • Tulipe attracts nature lovers, ecologists and those interested in ancient civilisations.
  • Tulipe is special because it offers a variety of activities and is arguably more unspoilt than better-known Mindo.

Introducing ourselves:

Aims of the Foundation "Los Amigos del Bosque Tulipe-Pachijal" (Friends of the Tulipe-Pachijal Cloud Forest), established 2004) include:

  • preserving the biodiversity of the Tulipe area
  • promoting ecological conservation
  • promoting ecotourism
  • encouraging the use of sustainable resources

Are you…

  • keen on wildlife and interested in conservation
  • a believer in ecotourism
  • a birdwatcher, photographer or interested in ancient cultures
  • an independent traveller who likes to get off the beaten track
  • an academic or student with a professional interest in ecology
  • an organizer of field trips or school groups?

If so, a visit to the private and pristine Tulipe Reserve is a must. Tulipe is waiting to be discovered by the discerning and adventurous visitor. We can also arrange tailored visits for your special interests.

What can I see and do at Tulipe?


  • Tulipe offers peace and tranquillity - a chance to reflect on the beauty of a stunning and unspoilt natural environment, to unwind and put the stresses of daily life into perspective.

  • Tulipe is an area of outstanding natural beauty situated in high pre-montane cloud forest in gently undulating country. The vegetation is lush and exotic.

  • We offer guided walks (1-4 hours) with a professionally trained, bilingual guide. There’s also the chance to discover streams and waterfalls, so don’t forget to bring your swimwear!

  • Tulipe is home to a  wide variety of animal and bird life, and plant life, some of which is endemic.

  • Tulipe´s special attraction is its association with the ancient Yumbo Civilization. Visit the atmospheric and little-known archaeological remains: ‘tolas’, ‘piscinas’, paths and petroglyphs.

  • Visit the Museum. Learn about the Yumbo people and view their artefacts.

Planning a visit
Climate, altitude and terrain

We invite you to discover both a spectacular natural environment and the magic and mystery of an ancient civilisation by visiting Tulipe. We look forward to meeting you.

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